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Store Closing Consultants

Just imagine your store looking like this

Store Going Out of Business Sale

With long lines of customers and minimal discounts

Closing Store Sale

And Looking like this after your Store's Out of Business Sale

Sell a Store Business

A Very Successful Sale during Pandemic…(See video)

I was first contacted by Stacy via my free consultation option on the Retail Sales PRO website.

She provided me all the information I needed to fully evaluate her situation and how I could help.

Being a 3rd generation business her family had 5 remaining stores along the east coast of Florida.

The Most Profitable and Professional Way To Close Down A Store and Go Out Of Business. You get One Shot at it. ONE. Make that Shot Count.

eCommerce had taken it’s toll over the years, so they knew it was time to close down permanently.

She also shared with me that they originally had 6 retail stores, and they tried to run a store closing sale for one of them on their own.

The sale failed miserably, so that’s when they started looking for a competent expert to help them.

That’s when they found Retail Sales PRO through a Google search.

They not only hoped to turn a profit, but also close their stores gracefully.

Having cemented their status in each respective community over the course of 47 years it was VERY important to her that her store NOT be turned into a circus.

Their well maintained reputation stayed in tact not only during the winding up sale, but after it was over.

After several phone calls discussing hers and her family’s concerns we all decided it was a good fit, and I got to work.

Even during the pandemic of 2020 the sale that took place at each respective store was a smashing success, their financial goals were exceeded, and most importantly they were able to walk away with pride.

just imagine your store looking like this

Business Closing Sale

With long lines of customers and minimal discounts

Best Liquidation Companies

And looking like this after the Going Out of Business Sale

Liquidate Retail business

Planning to Go Out of Business? Meet Travis Walker

Travis Walker, the retail store closing expert

Travis Walker is the founder of Retail Sales PRO and creator of the Liquidation Secrets® marketing system for store closing sale.

It’s the ONLY business closing system endorsed by celebrated retail experts.

For 20+ years the most preferred methodologies and procedures utilized in Liquidation Secrets® have helped independent retail businesses worldwide in 23 different retail categories, quickly and profitably run inventory liquidation sales and liquidate assets.

I understand that you may be concerned about what to do with your store right now if you’ve been affected with shutdown, more customers buying online, employee layoffs, and more because of the pandemic.

Or are thinking of finally having a Retirement Sale.

As a business liquidation consultant I help my clients make sure all CDC guidelines are implemented including sanitization and social distancing to keep customers safe.

Also ensure a successful and very profitable store closing by following time tested steps and procedures to close business.

In fact, I have a client RIGHT NOW who I’ve helped and assisted in very successfully navigating a liquidation sale during the pandemic and generated 65% of his annual sales volume over the course of several weeks!

Scroll down a little to see the video of that going out of business sale.

Is your business going under? it’s time to Stop it Bleeding.

Taking a struggling store through “just one more season” can put you in a much worse position than acting as soon as you know that it’s time to stop and move on.

With the independent retail market climate becoming more and more challenging – it means more debts piling up for you every day.

Your competitors around may be thinking of exit too, so unless you act on time no prizes for guessing who moves to the next in life with more cash.

Like it is for everything else, TIMING IS CRITICAL.

Click here to Contact me for a Free, No Obligation Consultation to discuss your options and how I can help you.

(All Communications are 100% Confidential).

Retail Sales PRO started with a simple mission: To help independent retailers of all sizes convert inventory and assets to fast cash and be able to walk away with their heads held high.

Get 175% or More Returns from a Going Out of Business/Retirement Sale. (At least that’s been my track record over almost two decades).

6 Weeks or Less to run. Generated over $50,000,000 in Store Closing Sales.

Chris had 4 successful sewing and vacuum stores, but found himself in a situation where he grew too fast, got overwhelmed, then got into debt. (See video)

He realized that he needed to do something, so when he found Retail Sales PRO the going out of business liquidators on YouTube, he signed up for a consultation call with me.

We got a contract in place quickly, and I got started on planning the business shutdown sale.

Neither of us knew what was lurking right around the corner before his first sale started: The COVID-19 pandemic!

As it all started to unfold, we spoke on the phone and revised the plan accordingly to forge ahead, but with subtle changes to accommodate for CDC guidelines, sanitization, and social distancing.

His close out sale didn’t skip a beat!

We generated more than 65% of his annual sales volume over the course of several weeks, all at nominal discounts!

A message from Founder, Travis Walker

The pandemic and the retail apocalypse is causing a MASSIVE dip in sales for retail stores across the US and I see some harrowing statistics. (See video)

More and more store owners are getting negatively impacted by Amazon and the big box stores.

Conducting profitable going out of business sale on your own would likely prove to be a costly mistake because a store close-out in the best possible way is like running a second business.

Not deciding the best time and implementing the wrong marketing processes could prove to be costly and without a store liquidation specialists you could even ruin your reputation.

You get ONE SHOT at an effective retail store closing sale. ONE.

Make that shot count with the help and support of Retail Sales PRO, the retail store closing consultants and advisors
who truly care about your unique circumstances.

We’ve been providing store closing and liquidation services for over 20+ years now.

Retail Sales PRO’s closing down and inventory liquidation techniques are endorsed by celebrated retail legends, so you have the comfort of knowing you’re working with the best company for your out of business sale.

You’ll be able to very systematically close business and move out gracefully.

Praise From Some of My Previous Clients Who Closed their Stores Very Successfully!!!

John had 3 big retail stores and two enormous warehouses full of merchandise and store fixtures, and after being in business successfully for 20 years he decided it was time to retire. (See video)

So he began looking for the best solution for his planned exit and found Retail Sales PRO’s retail liquidation services through online search.

He requested a free private consultation to work out an exit strategy, and when we first spoke he was skeptical to say the least.

After looking at his situation and providing him with a custom business closing plan and projections of what to expect he said, “I think you’re crazy!”.

But he had attempted a liquidation sale on his own at his 4th store a couple years before and it failed miserably, so he knew he needed the right help.

He followed my system and things to do to the letter, and when the shut down sale was over not only was his entire inventory liquidated to the bare walls, but his returns were almost 3 times what he normally did in sales.

Terry is a prime example of following instructions to the letter. (See video)

When we scheduled his private consultation, I informed him what I could do and how I’d go about doing it, how it works, how long will it run etc.

I then instructed him to call ALL of my competitors, before opting for our support for the closing sale, which he did.

He came back shortly later and informed me that the cost of my services were more than all of them.

This was one of my Most Successful Retirement Sale ever!

Retail Sales PRO strengths

+ Up Front & Transparent Liquidators

+ Honest Phone Conversation

+ Strategic Discounting

+ Work Directly With Me

+ Viral Social Media

+ Liquidation Secrets eBook

+ Custom Methods

+ Reputation Management Experts

+ NO Inventory Requirements

+ Effective Budgeting

+ Custom Charting System

"The Other Guys"

- Hidden Costs

- Forced Consultation

- Cheesy Expensive Games

- Unqualified Consultants

- Antiquated Print

- No "Do It Yourself" Option

- Cookie Cutter Methods

- Why Bother?

- High Inventory Requirements

- Ineffective Budgeting

- Weekly Re-tagging

Mary Ann had a very large western wear clothing store, and with rapidly declining sales and mounting debt her biggest concerns were,

“How are we going to sell all this stuff?”, “What to tell employees?”, “What emails to write?” and more. (See video)

She and her entire staff and advisors cooperated fully with all my advice and tips. The business sale completed successfully, and they were able to move on gracefully to the next chapter of their lives with pride.

After watching the case study videos you must have gained very valuable insights as to why the sharpest independent retailers choose Retail Sales PRO services – the most promising liquidation experts to conduct their closing.

You deserve the BEST, right? And although you might not admit it out loud, it’s likely you have a lot of fears over closing your business and it may even be keeping you up at night.

I hear this all the time from my clients.

There are so many things to consider when you imagine going through this procedure.

Very important to first know when to close a business? What to think about if the business is failing or going under? Is quitting business the only option?

What does running a liquidation sale actually mean? How will you know when to mark things down and for how much?

How will you hold on to employees through the sale? How will you sell fixtures? What existing customers are going to think? What if you end up with a ton of left over merchandise?

So you see the drill?

Click here to check our section on Frequently Asked Questions about Retail Store Closing. Pretty helpful stuff there.

However with Retail Sales PRO you are in good hands.

Your retail liquidation sale will be fully facilitated and promoted with impeccable professional expertise, so your reputation in the community remains in tact and strong!

Most importantly you will finally be able to sleep at night.

Book Your FREE Private Consultation with me >> (Value $495)

I’ll ensure you have a booming out of business sale and will customize a solution utilizing a clever mix of digital social media, advertising list and PR (to reduce your marketing budget).

Also use traditional media to sell and liquidate inventory in the best way (including fixtures), thereby ensuring you thoroughly and gracefully exit your business.

Will also work on a step wise inventory reduction strategy, if required.


Convert your inventory and assets to cash quickly, efficiently, and professionally so you can more peacefully transition to the next chapter of your life, kind of the best way forward with the most reliable business liquidation consultants.


My highly customized-promotional system and business quitting strategy ensures the most profit/money for you at each point during the Sale.


Clever use of social media, the Internet, and efficient print media services keeps your marketing budget to a minimum and your reputation intact.

When you’re searching for the tried and tested way to close a business, it’s good to know that I’ve provided services to independent retailers in this capacity for 20+ years. In nearly EVERY RETAIL CATEGORY including:

Hardware, Furniture & Accessories, Art, Variety Store, Crafts, Liquor, Apparel, Print, Shoes, Electronics, Automotive, Clothing, General Merchandise, Sporting Goods, Toys, Home Decor, Departmental Store, Pet Store, Gifts, Books, Jewelry, Makeup, Beauty supplies, Watches, Boutiques, Baby Care, and many more!

Knowing how to close down a store even with debts efficiently AND profitably is hard. Get the practical step-wise plan for business closing which actually delivers.

It’s like running a second business!

Learn what makes our systems, tips, procedures, strategy, and processes different…AND helps get max profits!

Click here to get my book Liquidation Secrets Revealed which talks about proven systems and innovative marketing strategies, which will have your cash registers begging for mercy.

Get to understand the SOCIAL MEDIA based process that educates independent retailers like you know how to sell inventory / what to do with excess merchandise and how to fully liquidate a store business to the bare walls for high profits – on a relatively modest advertising budget.

If you want to convert your overstock inventory/used store fixtures, equipment and assets to CASH quickly, efficiently, and to your advantage then don’t you deserve to do so with a unique, proven marketing and promotion system that NO ONE else in the marketplace offers?

Book Your FREE Private Consultation with me NOW >> (Value $495)

As PROVEN retail liquidation consultants, we’ve also helped and supported independent store owners conduct their retirement sale in various categories.

Over the years we’ve perfected systems for closing a retail store, conducting/marketing retirement sale and helping quit business.

All this based on the study of consumer behavior, and utilizing a mix of technology alongside traditional marketing mediums.

Overall the best way to close your retail store.

It’s one thing to close a small business, but it requires different skill sets to shutdown a business with good profits.

Follow my advice and walk away with high returns when going into full store closing liquidation. Simple as that.

This is unlike ANY promotional sale you’ve ever had or heard from any sales consultant or an inventory advisor, and you get ONE SHOT at it.

Allan, the owner of a large furniture, home, & gifts store, contacted me after seeing one of my videos on YouTube. (See video)

Like many retailers, he started with the best of intentions for profit and long term sustainability, but after several years found himself with rapidly declining sales amongst big box competition and needed help with his business going under.

After a private consultation with me he proceeded to do even more diligence to be confident in his decision to work with me, and we started preparing for the close out sale.

I helped him launch the sale for the store with tremendous success and the success sustained itself for 11 weeks when he finally closed his doors forever.

He followed EVERY DETAIL of what I told him needed to be done to sustain success after the launch, and with regular tips he was able to walk away with his head held very high and with best gains.

This is a collection of several past clients from multiple retail categories, who researched other store liquidation companies and top firms before finally coming to me. (See video)

The ONE common denominator in their success:

They followed my advice and suggestions – start to finish and walked away from their respective stores with PROFIT!

Mark came to me with many fears including, “Is my store big enough?”, “What if this doesn’t work?”, “Will I be able to pay off my vendors?”, “How long does it take?”, “What to do with inventory?”, “What will be the costs, charges?”, and more. (See video)

Although he had a very small sporting goods store in a dying shopping mall, I was able to help liquidate everything to the bare walls, including equipment and fixtures.

He followed all of my liquidation advice to the letter, let the system work FOR him and successfully closed his shop.

A perfect example of small scale liquidation and a robust inventory sell off strategy.

Brice owned an art supply store that was thriving in Bradenton, Florida. (See video)

After he booked a free consultation with me and we talked, I knew that this would be a successful sale.

Why? Because he ran a great business for 40 years and he didn’t want to take any chances with his reputation in the community.

His biggest fear was, will he be able to reach enough people to pick up his specialized inventory?

From the moment we started working together he implemented everything I instructed him even when I was not onsite.

After the full stock selling business sale was over all he had left was a tiny box of merchandise he donated to a local art school.

When I created Retail Sales PRO the mission was simple: to help ALL independent retailers convert inventory and assets to cash, to walk away with their heads held high OR to re-energize their business in some way. (See video)

Here my client Marie owned a very small (and popular) herb business and organic food store, and she decided to close after many years of serving her local community.

All because she wanted to spend more time with her grand kids.

She requested a free private consultation with me, we talked and reviewed the game plan I would use, and several weeks later her sale began.

I guided her every step of the way. See for yourself how she felt about the sale and the results.

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