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Sailpoint IdentityIQ Implementation and Administration Course
Price – 150 USD + 11000 INR

Course Duration – 36 Hours
Prerequisites – For Implementation – Basic Core Java
SailPoint Documents, Lifetime Access Virtual Machine, Sailpoint Software, Sample Resumes to be provided with the course.
Trainer Support is available in case of doubts

This is a self-paced course designed to give you detailed understanding of the product and go through detailed implementation and administration knowledge. In turn it is designed to prepare you for the below certification exams offered by the vendor Sailpoint.

Targeted certifications

Training-Based Certifications
1) SailPoint Certified IdentityIQ Associate Exam
Prerequisite Certification – None
Exam Cost – 300 USD
The SailPoint Certified IdentityIQ Associate Exam covers Foundational Concepts, Applications, Identity Modeling, Access Modeling, Governance, User-Driven Requests, and Provisioning, as taught in the courses “IdentityIQ Introduction” and “IdentityIQ Implementation and Administration: Essentials”.

2) SailPoint Certified IdentityIQ Professional Exam
Prerequisite Certification – None
Exam Cost – 300 USD
The SailPoint Certified IdentityIQ Professional Exam covers Object Model, Workflow Engine and Development, Provisioning Engine, Troubleshooting, User-Driven Provisioning, Automated Provisioning, and Workflow Use Cases, as taught in the courses “IdentityIQ Introduction”, “IdentityIQ Implementation and Administration: Essentials”, “IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning and Workflows”, and “IdentityIQ Implementation: Rules, Scripts, and API”.

Role-Based Certifications
Prerequisite Certification – None
Exam Cost – 400 USD
1) SailPoint Certified IdentityIQ Engineer – The SailPoint Certified IdentityIQ Engineer Exam covers IdentityIQ installation, build, and deployment; Lifecycle Manager; Identity Governance; custom development; general configurations; debugging and troubleshooting.

Day 1 ->
1) IAM Overview -> SailPoint Products
2) SailPoint Product Installation and Patching
3) SailPoint Architecture
•Hardware Sizing
•Multi Host Deployment
•Common Architectures
•Service Standard Build – SSB Implementation

Day 2
3) IdentityIQ Preview
•Compliance Manager
•Lifecycle Manager
• SailPoint Modules and Artefacts

4) Introduction to SailPoint Virtual Machine + Exercises Environment ++ Deployment ++ Migration
5) SailPoint Monitoring Piece and Important Configuration Files – Administration
•Extended Attributes
•IIQ Properties
•Audit Configuration
•Email Configuration
•SailPoint Encryption

Module 1 -> Application Onboarding Development and Administration
Day 3,4
6) Application onboarding – Authoritative Application and Non-Authoritative Applications Connectors
•Delimited Single Object, Multiple Object
•Identity Schema and Extended Attributes
•JDBC Applications-Mysql database
•Authentication Techniques – SSO ++ Pass Through ++ Native Authentication
•Special case Connectors
•Multiplex and Logical Application
•Best Practices and Aggregation Strategies
•Manual Correlation
•Important Tasks and Custom Schedules

Module 2 – Compliance – Policy + Risk + Certifications and RBAC
Day 5,6
7) Implementing Risk in IIQ
•Identity level Risk
•Application Level Risk
•Targeted Monitoring
•Reporting – Administration

8) Policies In IIQ
8.1 > Policies in Compliance and Policies in Provisioning
•SOD Policies – Role Level and Entitlement Level
•Activity Policy
•Account Policy
•Risk Policy
•Advanced Policy

8.2 >Handling Policy Violations and Policy Reporting
Day 7
9) Certifications in IIQ
Identity and Event-Based Certifications
•Manager certification
•Entitlement Owner
•Application Owner
•Advanced Certification
•Membership Certification
•Composition Certification
Event Based Certification
•Dynamic Reports and OOTB Reports on Certifications

Day 8
10) Roles in IIQ
Role Based Access Control
Role Modelling and Mining Activities
•Business Role Mining
•IT Role Mining
•Entitlement Analysis
•Birth right Provisioning Using Roles

Module 3 – LCM, Workflow and Provisioning -Development and Administration
Day 9 ,10
11) Rules, Tasks and API -> Best Practices and Administration
•How to Write a Rule
•Anatomy of a Task
•Reading Sailpoint API

12) Custom Reporting and Custom Task Implementation
13) Lifecycle Manager and Components
14) Access Requests – Administration
15) Lifecycle Events and Custom Workflow
•LCM Workflows and their Customization
•Custom Workflow Development mapped to Lifecycle Event
•Joiner ++ Mover ++ Leaver Events
•Provisioning Architecture in Sailpoint