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Sailpoint IdentityIQ Implementation Course

This is a free self-paced course designed to give you an overview of Identity and Access management and SailPoint IdentityIQ capabilities
Topics Covered
1)Identity and Access Management Demo
2)SailPoint IdentityIQ Overview
3)Sailpoint IdentityIQ Installation and Architecture
4)Sailpoint patching
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Course Videos

Video 1 – Sailpoint IdentityIQ Demo

This tutorial talks about what is Identity and Access Management and gives you and overview of the following

• Overview on sailpoint.
• What’s IDM and IAM?
• What’s entitlements?
• Why to use IDM and IAM tools?
• What’s Identity enabled enterprise?
• What we are trying to do with sailpoint? or What exactly sailpoint does?
• What’s application on boarding?
• What are connectors?
• What’s Identity warehouse and Identity cube in sailpoint user interface (Identity IQ)?
• RBAC (Role Based Access Control) – Access policies.
• What’s significance of ‘HISTORY’ tab in sailpoint user interface (Identity IQ)?
• What’s significance of ‘CERTIFICATIONS’ tab in sailpoint user interface (Identity IQ)?
• Risk involved in managing Identity and how sailpoint solved it? (Tab in sailpoint user interface (Identity IQ))
• Activity monitoring. (Tab in sailpoint user interface (Identity IQ))
• User rights. (Tab in sailpoint user interface (Identity IQ))
• IDM and IAM simple break down.
• Why only sailpoint? Why not some other tool? (Also includes Gartner reports)
• Cyber security skills and salaries in IT market.
• Overview on other content offered by sail point.
• Sailpoint profiles in IT market.
• Certifications on sailpoint

Video 2 – Sailpoint Installation Part 1

In this video, we discuss setting up components required for Sailpoint Installation. 1) Java – JDK + JRE 2) Application Server – Apache Tomcat 3) Database Server – Mysql community server

Video 3 – Sailpoint Installation Part 2

In this video we talk about setting up the fourth component required in Sailpoint Installation and that is Sailpoint Software itself

Video 4 –

In this video, we discuss about patching IdentityIQ Environment.