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Course Description

Cyberark course content covers all the essential concepts that are required to enhance your knowledge of privileged account security implementation. It also covers other topics like password management, PAS architecture, and software concepts like monitoring and troubleshooting. This course syllabus acts as a perfect gateway for your CyberArk career.  

1) Privileged Identity Management – Introduction
Privileged identity management gives complete security and audit control for enterprises. This module will explain how to secure, monitor, and protect privileged accounts in enterprise environments.
•Enterprise pain areas •Associated risk
•Expected Solution

2) CyberArk Overview
This section highlights the core properties and capabilities of the CyberArk solution. Additionally, it explains CyberArk installation and configuration.

3) CyberArk Solution Components
This section provides real-time knowledge needed to design, install, and configure the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution. You’ll also learn to install CyberArk components through step-by-step exercises.
•CyberArk Vault
•Password Vault Web Access Manager
•Privileged Session Manager
•Central Password Manager
•CyberArk Vault Client

4) This section explains the recommended software and hardware specifications of the servers for CyberArk infrastructure installation.
•CyberArk Port awareness.
•CyberArk Vault Installation.
•CyberArk Active Directory Integration.
•CyberArk Email Notification engine configure awareness.
•Cyberark CPM Installation.
•Cyberark PVWA Installation.
•Cyberark PSM Installation.
•Cyberark Vault Client Installation.